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Double Hung Windows

  • Convenient operation and an attractive, traditional style
  • Easy to clean with tilt-out upper and lower sashes
  • Versatile with many size and design options
  • Clear

Series Available:

Double Hung Windows Washington, D.C.

Window detail openDouble hung windows are created especially for superior performance and energy efficiency year round. Not only do they look beautiful, but they allow more natural light into a room and offer residents of Washington, D.C. savings on their monthly energy bill. Stay comfortable, no matter the time of year, with double hung replacement windows from Window World.

Why Choose Window World of Washington D.C. for Double Hung Replacement Windows?

We pride ourselves on serving the area of Washington, D.C. with superior customer service and incredible windows that never stop working for you. What makes us different than our competitors? We offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty that gives you complete peace of mind.

4000 Series Double Hung

WW DH_Sml Med_3D_2X4000 Series windows from Window World are beautiful as well as remarkably solid, sturdy and stable. Our beveled mainframe design is exceptionally slim and refined. Their sleek construction easily complements any type of architecture. You will find that 4000 Series vinyl frames will never chip, peel, crack or warp, and are maintenance free.

4000 Series Features

Best-in-Class Performance Features:

• Reinforced narrow silhouette frame and sash profiles make a statement of style with their low-profile design. The result is a beautiful and expanded glass area. At the same time, internal chambers increase structural integrity, rigidity and energy efficiency.
• Composite meeting-rail reinforcement allows for secure mounting of hardware; the non-conductive material helps reduce the transfer of energy.
• End-of-throw cam shift locking delivers increased strength and protection to the recessed lock. It also includes an “unlocked” indicator.
• The smooth and uniform, true sloped sill quickly directs water runoff without the use of weep holes, keeping the exterior of the window clean and attractive.
• And so much more!

SolarZone ThermD Technology 

In the table below, U-Factor represents the rate of heat flow through the window product – the lower the U-Factor, the less energy is needed to heat a home. The SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) represents the solar heat penetrating through the window – the lower the number, the more you’ll conserve on air-conditioning usage. Window World 4000 Series Windows with SolarZone ThermD TG2 glass technology are 52% more energy-efficient than clear double-pane glass windows.

Thermal Performance Comparison4
Clear Glass0.460.590.450.59
SolarZone ThermD Elite0.
SolarZone ThermD iE0.270.300.270.30
4Whole window values are based on double-strength glass, standard 4000 Series offering with
composite reinforcements. ST and HP performance values are also available.
Air/Water/Structural Results
Window World 4000.046.0DP40


Triple-Pane Glass Technology

Efficient Glass Like You’ve Never Seen

Windows are approximately 80% glass, so choosing a high-performance glass system is the ideal way to maximize energy efficiency and conserve year-round heating and cooling energy consumption. Our triple-pane glass systems deliver an added layer of protection to conserve your energy. In addition, this precision-engineered construction features:

  • A 1″ thick glass unit
  • Three panes of single-strength glass
  • Two surfaces of Low-E (low-emissivity) technology, which maintains your indoor temperature
  • Two spaces of argon gas, which helps block noise infiltration and acts as a thermal barrier
  • SolarZone ThermD Intercept® Stainless Steel Spacer System for an ultra-efficient energy-saving shield

Glass Package Terminology
Clear: Double-pane clear glass unit.

SolarZone ThermD TG2: Triple-pane unit with two surfaces of Low-E glass and two air spaces of argon gas and intercept Stainless Steel Spacer.

SolarZone ThermD Elite TG2: Triple-pane unit with one surface of Low-E SHGC glass, one surface of Low-E glass, argon gas and intercept Stainless Steel Spacer.

Thermal Performance Comparison4
Composite U-FactorReinforcement SHGC
Clear Glass5.46.59
SolarZone ThermD TG2.22.26
SolarZone ThermD Elite TG2.22.19
4Whole window values, single-strength glass.
5Whole window values, double-strength glass.

6000 Series Double Hung

Home room with double hung windowsThe superior performance of 6000 Series windows starts with innovation. Every precision-engineered component contributes to superior energy savings. Best yet, 6000 Series windows are covered by Window World of D.C.’s impressive Lifetime Limited Warranty for complete peace-of-mind.

6000 Series Features

  • Quad 4 weatherstripping at the header
  • Triple-barrier weatherstripping between sash and jamb
  • Fully extruded lift rails for strength & durability
  • And so much more!

Double Hung 6000 Window Technical Details

  1. Vinyl frames and sashes will never chip, peel, crack or warp, tough and solid with virgin vinyl with color is formulated throughout so the beautiful luster lasts.
  2. Airtight insulating chambers help reduce conduction and cut high energy bills.4000 Series Double Hung Window
  3. Quad 4 weatherstripping at the header adds even more protection from the elements.
  4. Insulated glass unit with optimal air space improves year-round performance.
  5. PPG Interlock™ Warm Edge Spacer System maximizes window performance and Longevity.
  6. Interlock at sash meeting rails create a super-tight seal against air infiltration, providing security, comfort and well-being.
  7. Metal reinforcement adds strength at the meeting rails.
  8. Drop-in glazing provides energy efficiency as well as interior aesthetic appeal.
  9. Compression bulb seal at the sill creates an all-season weather barrier.
  10. Sloped sill ensures quick water to drainage to the exterior.
  11. Hidden Screen track produces clean lines and added beauty.

Additional Benefits

  • Constant force balance system eliminates sash cords, weights and pulleys,and provides easy fingertip operation.
  • Tilt-in top and bottom sashes make cleaning safe and easy from inside the home.
  • Triple-barrier weatherstripping between the sash and jamb for superior protection from air and water infiltration.
  • Full or half fiberglass screens provide ventilation while keeping insects out.
  • A fusion-welded sash and mainframe structure for added strength and rigidity. Tough, extra-thick extrusion walls provide the ultimate in welding strength.
  • Dual ventilator locks a secure way to keep windows open for proper ventilation.
  • Full balance covers help protect against air infiltration while adding a finished look to the window frame.

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