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Window World of D.C. Blog

Insight from our home renovation experts.

Shopping for New Windows? Do These 7 Things
Window World is here to take the stress out of the process. In this post, our experts will guide you through the process of shopping for replacement windows. From what to look for and how to choose the right installer, here are our tips on how to choose the perfect windows for your home!
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10 Home Remodeling Myths Busted
Home improvement can seem intimidating, but we’re here to make it simple! Everyone has opinions and beliefs about home renovations. From what kind of projects have the most impact to the return you can expect from your investment, our home improvement experts are here to
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A Guide to Energy-Efficient Vinyl Siding
If it’s time to replace the siding on your home, you have several options. Our Window World experts are breaking it all down and discussing the types of siding available, the advantages of vinyl siding, and how to choose the most energy-efficient (and stylish) vinyl siding for your home.
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How to Perform a DIY Energy Audit
Today our home improvement experts will walk you through performing a DIY energy audit, including how to evaluate four key areas of your home for energy efficiency and how to fix any issues you find.
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New Construction vs Replacement Windows
Here, our window experts will explain the key difference between replacement and new construction windows so you can get a better idea for which is best for your Washington D.C. home.
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What to Do With Your Spare Room
A spare room is the perfect chance to add something you’ve always wanted to your home. Whether that’s a home office or a cozy library, our home renovation experts have a few ideas sure to get your creative juices flowing!
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